Blue Cross Blue Shield


A leading BlueCross BlueShield company, the foremost healthcare service provider network in the US, provides health insurance to 1.5 million members and 4,000 employees. When they needed to complete a migration from Allen Systems Group (ASG) Mobius to IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), they turned to Helix International.

Blue Cross Blue Shield



This BCBS company had more than 1,500 discrete data sources from which more than 800TB of data needed to be extracted. Almost all of this data was highly sensitive, meaning that offline migration hardware services with end-to-end encryption both in motion and at rest was required.

Additionally, a significant majority of the data was static records, including invoices, patient records, and case records. These records were to be very infrequently accessed and never changed, but must be kept ready for quick location and reference.

All of this data had to be made available for rapid federated search across various storage locations and formats, with support for search based on any metadata or filters. Upon locating the relevant data from potentially many different locations, the data was to be packaged up into any selected document format such as PDF, with compliant branding and legal information applied, and then served up on-demand. This would enable user and customer self-service.

Finally, due to the massive amount of data and legal implications should any discrepancies, errors, or loss of data integrity occur, this BCBS company required a comprehensive audit trail with full chain of custody for every unit of data touched by the migration project.

In order to significantly reduce migration costs, Helix International migrated only the most recent, frequently accessed, and dynamic data to CMOD, leaving the static data in its original storage location. In order to integrate the data access within CMOD's native web-based document viewer, called IBM Content Navigator (ICN), Helix deployed it's proprietary RealTime Viewer (RTV) APIs, allowing for the static data to be accessed from the original location and served up in document format within the ICN interface.

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In total, more than 800TB of compressed data was successfully discovered, extracted, normalized, and optimized by the Helix Massive Archival Retrieval System (MARS) migration platform. The data was extracted from more than 1,500 discrete sources, including various archives, programs, and repositories.

By utilizing RTVs APIs to circumvent the original ECM, viewer, and APIs, Helix saved this Blue Cross Blue Shield customer more than $5M within the first year--a combination of savings against the licensing fee renewal of the legacy ECM and viewer, as well as reduced cloud computing and storage costs. This savings more than offset the cost of the entire migration project within the first year since contract signing, with ongoing savings forever thereafter.

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Helix International was uniquely qualified to solve this BCBS company's needs due to the proprietary Helix MARS migration platform. While alternative options do exist, the Helix MARS platform features several unique and differentiating advantages, such as the ability to extract, read, normalize, and manipulate data from archives without decompression. The platform includes 45 unique extractors for every legacy ECM commonly employed by enterprises.

Additionally, the Helix MARS platform features the proprietary RTV program and RESTful APIs, which allow for records data to be viewed in any format without need of migrating the data, and without need of the legacy ECM, viewer, or any of the associated licenses. This unique approach to ECM migrations and retirement of legacy ECM solutions has saved over one billion dollars to date for more than 500 enterprises, and is one of the many reasons why Helix International is IBM's premium partner of choice for ECM, ETL, and ESB projects.

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